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General Questions

Steel lawn edging is used to create a clean separation between planting areas, grass, mulch and rock or gravel. This steel lawn edging allows these areas to retain soil and moisture, but keeps areas from overlapping, or unwanted grass from entering. Our edging can be used to help with walkways as well.

View our article on the Benefits of Steel Edging.

You can order Edging Homekit products directly on our site, or you can view Coyote Landscape Products at any of our distributor’s locations. Please contact us for a list of distributors in your area.

The steel we use can be hot-rolled or cold-rolled. At times, the cold-roll has a shiny appearance which looks like galvanized or plated steel, but it is still raw. If you are concerned that it looks too shiny, then it probably is cold-rolled steel. If it appears as a dull-grey, it is galvanized.

Galvanized or TerraEdge products work well in a salt-air environment. We do not recommend our Raw Steel or RawEdge products in a salt-air environment, as it will patina (rust) more quickly.

Coyote steel lawn edging can be bent into a 5 FT diameter or 2 1/2 FT radius depending on the thickness.


Our straight pieces of edging allow you to attach with either overlapping Hairpin Stakes or you can use Speed Clips.

To install our steel lawn edging it is best to dig a small trench that goes 2-4 inches below the soil. Make sure most of the edging is covered by the soil or rock. To dig the trench, you can use either a small shovel or half-moon edger.

For complete installation instructions view the Installation Help section of our website.

Yes. To install the edging correctly, the roll-top seam should be on the less visible side. We suggest the seam of the roll top to be visible from the inside of the edging.

Use either Hairpin Stakes or Speed Clips to fasten each piece together.

A hacksaw is the best way to cut your steel lawn edging. Other ways to cut the steel lawn edging include a reciprocating saw, angle grinder, or circular saw with a conundrum blade. To cut the edging, you can either cut all the way through the steel or cut along the lines and bend it until it breaks. Make sure to wear protective safety gear when cutting steel.

Product Questions

Learn how to bend a corner on our blog: How to Corner Steel Edging

The best way to go around a corner is to bend the steel edging.

There are two ways to do this:

For a rounded corner, lay a 2x4 perpendicular to the length of the edging with the edge of the 2x4 at the line where you want to bend. Stand on the 2x4 and pick up the end of the edging to bend it around the 2x4.

An alternate option is to take the edging over to a bench or table and clamp the edging to the bench or table with the bend line at the edge of the table. Then, bend the edging down over the edge of the bench or table.

For a sharper corner, you must score the back of the edging with a hack saw or angle grinder while cutting halfway through the roll top of the edging. Then bend the edging similar to the rounded corner procedure and you will get a sharper corner. File or grind down any sharp snags in the roll top at the bend.

All of our edging uses 10-inch hairpin stakes. With each Homekit purchase, ten hairpin stakes are included.

These products are flexible and sturdy steel. Our edging radius goes as low as a 30-inch radius.

TerraEdge is our plated/galvanized lawn edging. For this product, we provide a protective coating so the material does not rust over time. We have it in 4-inch and 6-inch pieces.

RawEdge is our unfinished, steel lawn edging that will patina (rust) with time. This is available in 4-inch and 6-inch pieces.

PerfEdge is perforated, galvanized steel lawn edging that allows for drainage. It is available in 4-inch (Galvanized) pieces in our Homekit.

The Coyote Landscape Edging Homekit includes five (5) pieces of steel lawn edging, along with the associated hairpin stakes for securing and holding your lawn edging in place.