Benefits of Steel Landscape Edging

When organizing and planning for your next landscape project, consider using steel edging. Steel is a widely-used material across a variety industries and holds many benefits for outdoor projects. At Coyote Landscape Products, all of our edging products are made with American steel. Below are a few reasons how this material can take your landscape projects to the next level.


With its ease of use and adaptability, steel edging can be customized and manufactured to specific lengths, thicknesses, shapes and sizes. Adding on to its numerous customization options, steel edging can be powder-coated, galvanized or left unfinished for a more natural look. No matter what your requirements are, it is easily manufactured to your specifications.


Steel is one of the oldest materials and it is one of the strongest, most durable materials. Due to its high quality and reliability, it is a top material choice for several industries including aviation and construction. At Coyote, we use it to manufacture all of our edging products and accessories. Due to steel’s durability, steel edging will last a lifetime.


Most steel mills produce 90% recycled steel. Modern steel manufacturing has a very low environmental impact and can be continually recycled indefinitely. Unlike other materials, steel can be continuously recycled without losing its strength.

Temperature Variance

Compared to plastic or aluminum, steel edging holds its true size and its place in the ground throughout large temperature swings. Plastic and aluminum edging expands and contracts considerably more than steel edging. When plastic or aluminum edging expands and contracts, it will walk its way out of the edged trench, undoing all of your hard work.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Since steel edging stays firmly in place and protects against weather elements, it holds its professional look over time. Steel edging gives a distinct definition and delineation between your grass, walkways and gardens without heaving or photodegradation.

When weighing your options for edging, make sure to keep steel in mind. Its durability, adaptability and customization options make it one of the best materials for outdoor edging. For more information on steel edging, reach out to one of our experts at 1-800-321-1115.


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